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Let us capture the day you will never forget!

I’ll be photographing your wedding personally as I have done for over 35 years.

Your wedding portraits will be more than just you in the most beautiful dress imaginable, perfectly color-coordinated flowers, and an awesome reception. (Though it will, of course, be all these things too.)

The essence of your wedding portraits will be the love, excitement, and happiness between you and those closest to you. I will capture the emotional moments that define relationships, intimate moments that shouldn't be missed: your bridesmaids laughing as they attempt to figure out what attaches to what on the back of your dress, the look you and your father exchange before you take your first step together down the aisle, your smiles as you exchange vows.

You do NOT want a photographer who says something like: “Well, photography is really the most important part of your wedding. When the wedding is over, your flowers will be dead, your cake will be eaten, your dress won’t fit, etc. – but you’ll have your photos.” Why not? Because any photographer who believes the value of photography lies only in the finished pictures is neglecting half the point of photography.

Photography is NOT the most important part of your wedding. The most important thing is that you and your finance absolutely love every moment of your special day and can fully relax and celebrate your love, excitement, and happiness.

I am devoted to helping you have the best day of your life and to creating beautiful portraits and candid photographs that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

Everything we do is customized and our prices start at a around $2000 including online viewing of all your photographs, careful retouching of all selected images, and an engagement session.

The best thing to do is set up a time to get together so we can figure out exactly what it is you are looking for. We have some great sample albums (including some really fun new styles) you can look through to get an idea of what you like, and you can ask us any questions you have.

Please contact me at