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Pet's Portraits

Have you ever tried to photograph your pet? It is not easy ...they are difficult to be controlled and you cannot ask them to do anything for capturing a good photo. They don't say cheese and they don't sit still for long.

I LOVE all creatures! And I'll love your dog(s) and cats…and chickens…and goats..and horses…and any other furry friend you may have. I want to capture all of their adorable and hilarious quirks, cute faces and intimate expressions that are so familiar to you and freeze them in a moment of time that you will love and adore for years to come.

Not to be confused with the photos you take of your pet every day (because, let's face it, everyone already has a vast collection of photos of their pets on their mobile devices), an Accent session captures the heart and personality of your four-legged best friend in our Plymouth studio with modern fine art images and high-quality, tangible products that are sure to turn heads.

I am a photographer and I am an animal expert. I don’t just think animals are cute and cuddly…which they ALL are…but I understand and connect with them, I can read their body language, I know when to take a break and I can visually see when they are relaxing and trusting me. Rest assured, you are choosing a pet photography expert, not a photographer who photographs weddings, people, building and pets as well.

A special connection occurs when you gain the trust of an animal – when you’re comfortable together and have an unspoken mutual respect for one another. Animals tend to warm up to me quickly, and that feeling of ease is so important in capturing your pet during their session. When they can be themselves, their personalities shine through, and those are the images and the moments I’ll preserve for you to cherish forever.

If you want to celebrate the love and relationship between you and your pet and create some amazing photographs, let’s chat!

Purchase Your Custom Pet Photography Session


Treat yourself and your pet to a customized photography session!

What's included:

A no rush photo session with 1 pet*

1 8x10 Printed Photo

*Additional pets are welcome from the same household for $49.00ea