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The most creative senior portraiture you can get. Anywhere.

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We’ve talked to enough seniors to understand that your senior portraits are a big deal – they’re a huge deal. This is the wallet that you’ll give everyone at school to remember you by, this is the portrait that your parents will hang on the wall in your home when you move out, this is the photograph that will illustrate for the rest of your life who you were in high school!

You'll look awesome!

Photography is essentially painting with light. There are hundreds of combinations of types, directions, and intensities of light from which a photographer must choose, and only one combination will make you look your absolute best.

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You'll have fun at your session!

At Accent Photography, you’re never rushed, but you’re never bored, either. That’s because every senior gets Gregory’s 100% attention. His easy-going style and great sense of humor makes it hard to believe you’re having your picture taken—it’s just that much fun!

You'll be working with the best portrait artist!

Gregory has been photographing seniors for over 35 years.His immense experience helps him to know how to make you look your very best while also making you look comfortable and relaxed. Most importantly, he knows how to help you have fun—because if you feel good, you’ll look great!